Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vision Quest

Steve Schrag and WCLEAN Have Green Ideas For Anamet Site

Steve Schrag has spent his life as an organizer and activist fighting for positive change in the work place. For the past 30 years in Waterbury, however, Schrag has repeatedly found himself in opposition to major development projects.

He was against EWR in the 1980s.

He was against a super mall.

He was against building a casino in the South End.

He was against First Light building a generator in the South End.

He was against Chestnut Hill BioEnergy building a trash to energy plant at the old Anamet site.

While spearheading the community uprising against Chestnut Hill BioEnergy this past summer Schrag was repeatedly asked what ideas he had for the 17-acre brownfield lying on the east bank of the Naugatuck River. If not a trash to energy plant, what?