Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Fire

Angry At A System They Trusted To Help Find Their Missing Son, Jan and Bill Smolinski Seek Federal Reform

Story and Photographs
By John Murray

Fire makes steel.

For Jan and Bill Smolinski a fire of angst and pain engulfed their lives after their 31 year old son Billy vanished six years ago. The fire is so hot it could shatter friendships and destroy their marriage, Left alone, the fire would consume them.

The Smolinskis chose to redirect the fire - the energy - to use it as a tool to reform the tattered system that betrayed them during their desperate search to find their son. When Billy disappeared in August 2004 the Smolinskis believed the local police would work hard to find Billy.

They were wrong.

Billy was a vigorously fit 31 year old man, and like thousands of adult missing person cases across the country, the local police responded as if Billy had vanished by choice. It took nearly two years for the Smolinskis to convince the Waterbury Police Department that something terribly wrong had happened to Billy, and by that time clues were lost, DNA mishandled, and the man widely suspected of murdering their son was dead of a drug overdose.

A group of law enforcement officers from Seymour, Shelton and Waterbury are working with the FBI and the Connecticut State Police to crack the case, and leads continue to point towards Seymour as the place Billy was murdered, and buried. Divers have scoured along the banks of the Housatonic River, backhoes have clawed at the earth, and search dogs have canvassed miles of suspected terrain in an effort to find Billy Smolinski.

When the ground thaws there are new leads to follow in the spring, and both Jan and Bill Smolinski are committed to bringing their son home. “We are not giving up,” Jan said. “How could we?”

There are tens of thousands of families across America feeling the same pain, the same fire, that rages inside the Smolinskis. Right now there are 110,000 missing people in this country, many like Billy Smolinski, who have been murdered.

There are many remarkable things about Bill and Jan Smolinski, but perhaps the most remarkable thing has been their effort to reform the broken system that failed them. They have fought to have the laws changed in Connecticut, they helped reform missing person investigations inside the Waterbury Police Department, and in January they travelled to Washington D.C. to testify in front of Congress.

No reform will bring their son back to them - they accept that - what they refuse to accept is a system that treats missing adults as second class citizens, and national DNA data banks tangled in so much bureaucracy that they can’t communicate with one another.

The Smolinskis went to Congressman Chris Murphy and he crafted a bill that would address the gaping holes in the system, it is called Billy’s Law. Janice Smolinski testified at a hearing in front of Congress on January 21st, and Billy’s Law is expected to go to the floor of the House of Representitives for a vote in late February.

The following is a photo essay of the Smolinskis three day trip to Washington D.C.

Hours after arriving in Washington D.C., Jan and Bill Smolinski were thrilled to walk past the White House and take a late night hike along the National Mall.

The Smolinskis were awed by an peace vigil across the street from the White House that has been continued around the clock (by just three individuals) for 29 straight years. Bill is pictured above making a donation.

The Smolinskis had never been to Washington D.C. before, and Bill Smolinski worked his digital camera hard. Pictured above he is photographing the U.S. Supreme Court.

Linda Forman, a legislative aide to Congressman Chris Murphy, left, has been hammering out the details of “Billy’s Law” for the past year. Forman, and Murphy’s chief of staff, Francis Creighton, worked closely with Janice Smolinski to prepare her for her five minute testimony in front of the Homeland Security sub-committee. Pictured at the right is Kristen Bossi, who is Congressman Murphy’s deputy chief of staff, and media relations specialist.

The day before the hearing Linda Forman helped prep Janice for her testimony. The speech was read and timed five times. Words were cut out, new ones added, and Jan became so familiar with the text that she could have recited it in her sleep. Bill was the rock she leaned on, and when the testimony was over, he said “I’m really proud of her. She’s tough. She’s a fighter, and she’s never giving up.”

During the hearing the Quilt of Hope was displayed in the front of the room. The quilt is comprised of individual panels made by families of missing people from around the country. Often the panels have photographs and clothing of the missing person incorporated into the square. The project was launched by Janice Smolinski two years ago.

Congressman Murphy, right, didn’t immediately grasp the enormity of the problem facing the country - 40,000 unidentified dead and 110,000 missing. But once it clicked in, he has championed the cause and led the fight for legislative reform.

Cruising through the vast halls of Congress gave the Smolinskis a great workout. They are pictured above walking with Linda Forman through the Cannon Building, where Chris Murphy’s office is.

After the hearing Congressman Murphy and Janice Smolinski talked with the media back in Connecticut on a conference call. Murphy is pumped up that Billy’s Law is flying through the House of Represntitives. “In six months this has moved very fast,” Murphy said. “Legislation around here usually takes years, We hope to have this on the President’s desk by the end of the year.” The bill would allot $60 million dollars in incentives for police training on DNA, science and technology, and fix the national data banks.

Janice had to go over to NBC studios for an interview with the Connecticut affliate after the hearing was over. With the U.S, Capitol as a backdrop, Janice answered questions for five minutes until it was time to head back on the Metro to the hotel five miles away, and then the six hour drive back home.

Congressman Murphy shakes hands with Congressman Ted Poe of Texas moments after the hearing concluded. Murphy, a Democrat, and Poe, a Republican, co-sponsored “Billy’s Law.” Murphy said he and Poe rarely agree on any issue before Congress, but Billy’s Law was non-partisan, which bodes well for its eventually passage into law.

After wrapping up her interview at NBC studios, Jan switched into her sneakers to make the journey back to the hotel. While sitting in the Green Room a well dressed and uber confident man walked into the room and walked up to the Smolinskis and shook their hands. They introduced themselves and he never gave his name. After he walked away Jan asked who he was. It was Howard Dean, pictured in the rear of this photograph. Dean was the front runner for the Democratic nomination for president in 2004, but Jan, who hadn't paid much attention to politics before seeking reform, had never heard of him.

The following speech was submitted into the official Congressional record by Janice Smolinski. The actual speech she gave in front of the Homeland Security sub-committee was trimmed down due to time constraints.

Good afternoon and thank-you Congressman Murphy, and this committee, for having the courage to tackle the tragic disconnect in our country’s effort to find 160,000 missing Americans.

Numbers as large as 160,000 are hard for most of us to get our minds around, so I’m here to testify about the details of my son’s disappearance, five years ago from Waterbury, Connecticut, in the hope that our story can shed light on this national nightmare.

We are just one of the 160,000 families of the missing who deal with uncertainty every second of our lives. The Smolinski family is not special, or remarkable in any way. We have lived most of our lives on a small farm in Naugatuck, Connecticut, and are simple, hard-working people.

My husband Bill and I are uncomfortable in the spotlight, but events beyond our control have brought us to this day. The Help Find the Missing Act has been named “Billy’s Law” in honor of our son, and it is our fondest hope that these changes will help bring answers and peace to thousands of families wrestling with the horror that stains their lives.

Living on a farm we were independent and self-sufficient, but when our son vanished we found ourselves helpless, frightened, and dependent on a system with gaping holes large enough for a herd of elephants to run through.

The best way to illustrate the problem is to simply tell the committee our story, which began five years ago on August 24th, 2004, when our 31-year-old son vanished.

Our son’s name is William Smolinski Jr., and his whole life we called him Billy. He was funny, and a bit of a goof ball, always trying to surprise us with a joke or a trick.

Billy was a hard worker who was not particularly fond of schoolwork, or classrooms. He drove a tow truck, owned a small house in the South End of Waterbury, and loved his three-year-old German Shepard, Harley.

Our nightmare began with a phone call. A neighbor called to say that Billy had left his dog unfed and locked inside his house. Billy’s truck was parked oddly in the driveway, in a spot he had never used before. We are a very close family and immediately knew something extraordinary had happened. We called the police and they told us to wait three days to see if Billy showed up, and if he didn’t, to file a missing person report.

We waited three days, filed the report, and expected the police to launch an aggressive investigation. When the police did nothing we organized our own search with family and friends and scoured riverbanks, gravel pits and places we knew that Billy loved. As the days passed we knew something terrible had happened to our son. He never would have left his dog locked up and unfed.


Something terrible had happened – we knew it - but we couldn’t get the attention of the local police department. One of the biggest issues in the world of the missing is that police officers across the country are slow to respond to the report of a missing adult.

That has to change.

How can a police officer make the assumption that every missing adult has disappeared voluntarily? How can they believe all of the missing adults willingly walked off and deserted their family and their lives? It does happen, but police are too quick to label missing adults as low priority.

Every report of a missing adult needs to be evaluated. The police need to listen to the families and follow the proper protocol of gathering information and entering it into national data banks. The key is education and training.

If investigations are done properly at the beginning and all entries are made, families will have the peace of knowing law enforcement was their friend. If the proper protocol is followed the case will be easier to solve and the price tag on that investigation could be significantly lower.

If the local police had responded to our concerns immediately, we believe the case would have been solved five years ago. But after the investigation was botched it’s taken three police departments, the Connecticut State Police and the FBI to try and piece the puzzle back together.

The price tag for these mistakes will be hundreds of thousands of dollars more than if the police had simply responded to our initial concerns.

International homicide expert Bill Hagmaier, a great leader in fighting for reform, has publicly stated that a majority of the 160,000 missing Americans aren’t just missing, they have been murdered. The quicker police respond to a report of a missing adult the better the odds of solving these violent crimes.

Reports need to be sent promptly into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), and the information of a missing person needs to be shared with police departments, medical examiners and coroners. This is not happening right now, and in rural parts of the country unidentified remains are still being cremated without gathering DNA samples first.

After reports have been filed, if the missing individual is not found, the next step is to collect DNA. A quick mouth swab from a family member will gather the DNA material needed to send to a state or federal lab that can analyze and upload that information into a national data bank.

None of this happened in our case. It took four years for the proper information to be filed with the National Crime Information Center, and the collection of DNA was incompetent. Seven separate samples were misplaced or lost by our local police department, and no one inside a 300-man police force knew anything about CODIS.

It wasn’t until the FBI took over the investigation – two years after Billy vanished - that the proper reports and DNA samples were collected and filed.

When law enforcement doesn’t have the proper training to collect DNA and upload that information into national data banks, the notion that we are living in a CSI society is a television fantasy. Training has to catch up with science and Congressman Murphy’s act will ensure that it does.

When law enforcement does not properly investigate a missing person the only recourse is for the family to do it themselves. In our case we had to organize search parties, bring in search dogs, hire private investigators and spend thousands of hours looking for Billy ourselves.

Eventually we uncovered information that led us to believe Billy had been murdered in Woodbridge, CT, and buried in Seymour, CT. We discovered that Billy was involved in a love triangle between his girlfriend and a prominent politician in Woodbridge, CT.

The last phone call Billy made was to his male rival warning him to “watch his back”.

When we tried to hang missing person flyers on telephone poles in Woodbridge, the Woodbridge police arrested me. The charge was later dropped.

A local paper published an expose on the sloppy police investigation, the love triangle, and aired out details of a drug-addicted gravedigger who might have murdered my son. The response to the story was a lawsuit filed by Billy’s ex-girlfriend, who also happened to be the mother of the gravedigger.

I have been arrested, harassed and sued for trying to find my missing son. So far I am the only person who has been arrested in this case.

None of this would have happened if the police had responded quickly to our calls for help. Instead of help we received insensitivity and callousness. Two years after Billy disappeared a high-ranking police officer told a journalist “Billy was probably having a beer in Europe, and would come home when he was ready.”

Sensitivity training is important for law enforcement officers across this country. When a family is cloaked in grief and uncertainty, the last thing they need is a verbal punch in the face from the very person they are depending on to find their loved one.

Appalled at the sluggish investigation, we confronted the Waterbury Police Department, and former chief Neil O’Leary listened to our concerns, studied the issue, and ordered mandatory training for all his officers. Reform has begun in Waterbury and in many departments around Connecticut.

But it’s not enough.

In our effort to find our son anything that could go wrong - went wrong. The system we encountered was broken. We have tried to change the system so no family has to endure the anguish we have lived through these past five years.

A missing persons family goes through hell over and over again, like they are riding a roller coaster that never ends. Uncertainty is a cancer that crushes the spirit of loved ones left behind, destroys marriages and tears at the tissue of family bonds. Only those families that continually hound the police, knock on doors, make phone calls, visit the media - when they will listen to you - make fliers, create websites, network, speak up and check on information entered into databases to make sure it was created correctly, may get some answers.

Looking for your missing loved one becomes a full time job. Stress splits families, turns some to substance abuse, creates health problems and drives people into bankruptcy from a heartache that never goes away.

How is it that someone in our society evaluates who is important enough to search for, and who isn’t? We are all God’s children.

In our search to find our son we ran head first into Pandora’s Box, and when we opened it, we unleashed the nightmare plaguing the world of the missing and the unidentified dead.

We encountered police apathy.

We learned that police training across the country is lagging years behind the advances in science and technology.

We learned that coroners and medical examiners around this country are storing 40,000 unidentified human remains.

We talked to experts who told us the unidentified dead are the missing.

We learned that by using DNA samples we could cross reference the two groups, connect the missing to the unidentified dead and help provide answers to thousands of grieving families.

We learned that national data banks don’t’ talk to each other.

Congressman Murphy’s legislation will help connect the dots in this national nightmare.

America’s sense of well being was shattered on September 11th when we tragically lost 2974 in a terrorist attack. That horror unfolded in mere hours and was seen by billions around the world. After September 11th, the need to match the missing with the unidentified dead was magnified, and the seeds were planted to create NamUs.

This legislation will take those seeds and help them grow. Congressman Murphy’s effort to address this national nightmare is long overdue, and the missing community applauds his effort. This act is named after my son, but it’s not for him, or the Smolinski family.

This act is for every American, and is the ultimate act in Homeland Security.


Delilah said...

Thank you so very much for documenting this historic journey every step of the way. The fire of the Smolinskis is catching on and so many are proud to be involved in helping, each in their own small way, to make sure that Billy's Law gets passed.

The pictures and videos are the next best thing to those of us who can't physically be there to support them, but I know they feel the support!

So cool to see all the names with faces!

Larry Ramsdell said...

Thanks John great article and picture perfect. As someone who very much wants to see this bill passed, I just want to thank you for all the work that you do keeping everyone informed on the issues, and of course when this bill passes we both know much peace it will bring to the families of the missing.

Anonymous said...

Oh,the longing of a Mother,Father,Sister to find their loved one.
JAN and her husband and family have persevered,along with John Murray and countless others who want to HELP bring Billy's law into effect and make "the" difference in the way LAW ENFORCEMENT and other agencies treat Missing Persons cases.

HOW amazing is it to know that CONGESS has gotten the message?
There really are people who CARE.

We must all do our part in seeking the Senators to get HELP FIND THE MISSING ACT taken further.
GOD BLESS you JAN ,Mr BILL,PAULA,JOHN MURRAY,LEIBERMAN ON DOWN THE LINE.We are fervently PRAYING for all who know about this ongoing effort.
PEOPL please search your heart and know that we all will benefit from THE HELP FIND THE MISSING ACT HR3695 BILLY'S LAW!
GOD BLESS and take care to all searching for a missing loved one and all those who are diligent in helping make this LAW A REALITY!

America's Missing,Abducted and Lost Persons.
Voices for the MISSING & UNIDENTIFIED since 1999

Ra'Vae said...

Thank you for this incredible story. Reading about the Smolinski's journey to change the way missing person cases are handled is inspiring and, at the very least, incredible.
Your words and your photographs bring it home for so many thousands of people who are suffering this type of tragedy.
Thank you so very much.
Ra'Vae Edwards
Executive Director - Missouri Missing

quinncornwall said...

Thank you so much for your excellant article on Janice's and Bill's Washington DC journey and hearing before Congress's Homeland Security Sub Comettie.I am a proud member of and Janice made all of us very proud of her!!!We are honored to have her as a member and friend !!Again..THANK YOU !! John E Quinn

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravo and Excellent JOb, excellent article excellent coverage! From a person and friend who has come from some farming background too, whose parents have worked very very hard all their lives and who myself tries to be a dedicated, sincere, kind, caring friend and worker and is also being sued from an accident while I was trying to visit my MOM in a Waterbury Nursing home, I do really understand, care and support all of those who have lost, missing, and unanswered questions about their family members and friends! Our Country was founded and improved by so many hard working, dedicated caring people, incidents such as these threaten the very foundation of our nation and it's origins! The Support and caring shows there is HOPE there is chances for improvement, for get well plans in so many areas..Together WE MUST STAND TOGETHER WE MUST CARE, TOGETHER WE MUST MAKE DIFFERENCES! Missing persons, Nursing home cre improvements, CAre and support of our Disabled and Disabled veterans there are so many places and projects we can unite our regard our efforts our energies to make the much needed improvements!!!! TOGETHER it is time, together WE CAN, Together is MUCH BETTER!!!

Anonymous said...

great addition to our rights and family support across the country.
Thansk you.

Anonymous said...

John, Great job in documenting Jan & Bill's journey through the process of getting Billy's law passed. They are wonderful parents. I know Billy is so proud of them as I also am knowing they are fighting to protect everyone else from being mistreated by law enforcement as they have been.

Anonymous said...

I echo all of these statements and more.
You were its tipping point.
Nothing good ever happens in a vacume but the first stone needs to be placed (sometimes thrown)... "LISTENING" to Billy's story. You are a phenominal listener and writer.
Billy has been found in and through the Voice of the Observer.

Anonymous said...

Hello all, Jan and Bill We know you are continuing on your many missions and journeys Please saty on the enlightened paths remember your many friends and supporters out here and keep us advised!!!

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you, The Smolinskis. I am so sorry that your son is missing. Thank you so much for speaking on behalf of every American in the fight to identify the unidentified and tackle missing persons cases more efficiently.

Anonymous said...

Hello I was wwatching a show today and it was about Billy missing. I am a young person and i was wondering if there is any way to print out flyers. Thankyou

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have seen the story of your Billy twice now. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering you have endured through all these years of NOT KNOWING!
I pray and hope that whoever has done this or if anyone knows who did anything to him will pay eternally.

with all of my heartfelt thoughts


Anonymous said...

Ms. Gleason may not be a suspect, but she appears to be the sort of person, based on the TV "Disappearances" who did hang out with people who are the kind who would tear down "missing person" posters. Did she feel no shame for encouraging it, or not telling her friend to stop? She apparently had this female buddy who somehow was angry at Billy or his parents--for what?? It seems she blamed Billy for his own disappearance, or for something surrounding the disappearance that had somehow sorely wronged herself or Ms. Gleason, to the point he deserved not to be found...and Ms. Gleason felt no shame nor need to make a public disclaimer or excuse on behalf of that woman? Unless Ms. Gleason has no human feeling at all, the most likely thing that would trigger a mother to have such a lack of compassion for another mother's pain would be a feeling that her own child was lost somehow as a result of Billy's or Billy's family's behaviors. Call me cynical, but if someone she knew well had a guilty conscience, and it led to heavier drug use...and if she or her friend felt it was not right he should feel guilty, based on what they thought they knew about Billy's angry or somewhat threatening response to a romantic infidelity, now THAT could make her feel justified. (Not that it would be, but if Billy was banging on 2nd-story windows at 5 am, and a rather dramatic re-telling got protective family members riled up, it could seem so to those hearing it. That would be threatening to most women...Not an assault, but a little scary to most women. A little thrilling to recount, too, though, especially if it makes you seem beloved or wanted by lots of men vying desperately for middle-aged you, all at once. And I've known some drama queens who can really embellish, for the exciting attention, not to mention their bored pals who lap it up and get involved in the drama.) If in stirring the pot, some close associate got over-excited and decided to take definite "protective" action on behalf of the victim of all those unwanted male attentions, and it went farther than expected or intended, they would quite possibly blame the victim for his own end at the hands of that excited person. And in that case, they might irrationally blame the people posting those tragic daily reminders right where the guilt-suffering party would see them every day. In other words, "an eye for an eye"--my loved one for yours--but after the fact. All speculation, since I only know what I saw on TV, but not strictly wild guesses, since I do work in the psych field. How about questioning the "poster ripper" lady a little more closely about what she knows, or thought she knew at the time that made her so hostile toward the Smolinskis? And hey, Ms. Poster-ripper, hasn't there been enough life lost over it? At least one Mom knows where her baby is--what has the other done to you that she and her family don't deserve to know, too, after 6 years of agony? I'm just asking...

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the family who has suffered. God Bless you .

Anonymous said...

I THINK IT IS DISGRACEFULL THE COURT REWARDED MS> GLEASON WITH MONEY! She is mostly likly the cause and I'm sure she knows more than she claims. She will have to answer to her God someday. She can't hide under another name or move to SEYMOUR to run away from her past! Madeline (Gleason) Sodins who lives in Seymour CT. Suposed to be married to Richard Sodins. You can't run away and change your name, you will always have to live with yourself.
To the Smolinsky family I pray you have closure someday. No mother or father deserves to go through what you and your family have endured.

Anonymous said...

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Anthony Aiello said...

300 police officers dont know about CODIS Thats total nonsense I know what CODIS is and Im a truck driver.A comment that really hit home is from
Jan Smolinski is ( The only person arrested in my sons case is me ) I just about lost all faith in our system. I hope things start to turn around for Smolinskis and all the other people with a loved one missing

Unknown said...

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Pat McCann said...

Thank you for your endeavers to help identify all the unidentified. Because of this law bones in a Connecicut holding place that where there since 1970 may be my missing sister who disappeared at age 16 from Woodside New York. Because she was 16 at the time they did no search, thay lost most of her records and anything that was done was done by my family. On July 11th, 2012 we were notified about the possible match. We are still awaing DNA results, they tell us there is a back log. Another failure in the system. Thank you Pat McCann, NY

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